3 Ways To Protect Your Teeth White Cycling

3 Ways To Protect Your Teeth White Cycling

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When you love cycling, you love cycling. There isn’t a but to that, or a caveat: it’s just a love of cycling, and nothing more complicated than that. However, when you love cycling that much and you start to cycle for hours and hours during the week, then you start to increase the likelihood that you will suffer an incident or an accident on your bike, and that has nothing to do with the level of skill or competence that you have on your bike. Accidents happen all the time, and when it comes to bikes, it is more often than not caused by a completely different person – usually in a car. However, that often means that you cannot really do a huge amount to protect yourself, which can often make cyclists feel vulnerable when they are on the road, especially if it is one that they do not know very well.

Believe it or not, however, most of the time if an individual is caught in a cycling accident, there is not a huge amount of damage done to their bike, or their body: it is actually their teeth that takes the brunt of the force, mainly because most people will fall forwards or be hit front on. This means that dentists such as Dr Paige Woods, who specialises in treating people in emergency dental situations in her practice in San Diego, often sees people who have really taken a lot of damage to their teeth and jawline. What is even more upsetting is that Dr Paige Woods knows that there are three simple ways that any cyclist can better protect their teeth when they are cycling, and if more people followed these rules that she would see a drastic drop in the number of people coming through her doors.

These are the three ways to protect your teeth while cycling, as recommended to us by Dr Paige Woods. How many of them have you already been doing? Will you follow all three of them now?

  1. Wear a helmet

Of course, every single cyclist should be wearing a helmet at all times when they are on the road, but this is not something that every single person does, and by not doing it you do not only risk having some damage done to your teeth. Your helmet is there to protect the most important part of you, your brain, and without it you could suffer a severe concussion, or even worse. Making sure that you wear a helmet whenever you go cycling also means that you can protect your jaw, and this will prevent any shattering or breaking of your jaw if you suffer an accident.

  1. Wear a mouth guard

This may be slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, but you’d be amazed at how quickly you become accustomed to it, and many cyclists tell San Diego Dentist, Dr. Woods, that they have simply stopped noticing it after a while. Just like when a person plays a contact sport, wearing a mouth guard is the perfect protection from front on collisions, and more people than Dr Paige Woods could care to mention has had their front teeth saved by the fact that they were wearing a mouth guard.

  1. Wear fluorescent strips

Lastly, wearing fluorescent strips. Now, this may not help protect your teeth directly, but they are excellent at preventing accidents altogether, and that is the most effective way of keeping not only your teeth, but the rest of you safe and sound when you are out and about on your bike!

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