Enjoying A Ballpark Game With The Very Best Of Cuisine

Enjoying A Ballpark Game With The Very Best Of Cuisine

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Ballpark Game

For a sports lover, be it baseball, soccer, basketball or football, fewer experiences are better than the opportunity to gobble down some of the finest dishes while in the dynamic atmosphere of the stadium, watching your favorite team take a lead.

At Citi Park, home ground of the New York Mets, restaurants of this sort are what you will find. These Restaurants make a good effort at getting everyone enjoying their game by serving around the stadium, a joyous experience for fans and visitors alike as they are able to munch on favorite delicacies without missing innings or a home run.

The cuisines that always seem to find their way on most ballpark restaurant menus are hot dogs, mouthwatering steak- beef tenderloin, ahi tuna, and nachos.

The crowds get fresh-faced and off the grill dishes while cheering the Mets, if it gets too hot, relax, the beverages and drinks are just around the corner.

Crowds of people can enjoy the hot-off-the-grill menu while cheering for the Mets, and the desserts too aren’t far behind. The fascinating feature, however, is that restaurants can theme their menu based on the stadium atmosphere on any given day, an innovative idea that offers diversity and randomness so fans are not tired of eating the regular stuff at every baseball game.

The baseball game itself, however, has recently been showing some reactions from players, coaches, fans and umpires alike with the introduction of the new slide rule.

The rule encompasses a number of sections, one-part stating that “A runner sliding into a second has to make a bona fide attempt not just to slide into the base, but an attempt to also remain on the base”. Maddon, who saw his team lose by a close margin due to the rule interpretation felt he was dealt a cruel hand.

He questioned the practicality of the rule. “When you are sliding on dirt, you have momentum, you just keep on going”. Maddon argued that that the rule doesn’t belong in the game as there was no malicious intent from the runner. Maddon was joined by his player Lester, who was also visibly upset about the rule. “The rule is meant to be guys doing dirty slides,” he said. While the rule still stands in the game, some fans think it is only making the game softer and it has no place in the game, others feel it might be a good way to prevent injuries and prevent malicious attempts.

In another American loved sport, Toronto FC will be looking to stay atop of the Major league soccer table having defeated Minnesota United 3 – 2 in a very entertaining match on Saturday. Toronto FC now travels to New York where they face the Red Bulls today at 7:30 pm. It is a fixture that promises to be worth every penny, but most will be tipping Toronto FC to widen the gap further in this 1st vs 6th placed match.

Sporting Kansas remain on top of the Western Conference with 22 points, after a resounding three – nil victory over Seattle Sounders on Wednesday at the Children’s Mercy Park. In other regions Tottenham did more than wipe the floor with Leicester, the last seasons’ champions, taking out their frustration with a 6 – 1 victory, that saw Striker Harry Kane score 4 goals and lead the race for the Golden Boot. In France however, Monaco secured the Ligue 1 title for the first time in seventeen years edging PSG with just 2 points.

Elsewhere, in one of America’s most coveted sports – Basketball, The Golden State Warriors have made a firm statement upholding themselves as the most dominating regular season team, having won the championship and reached two NBA finals since the 2014/2015 season.

The have also a set record for the most regular season wins with 73 wins in a single season. Although their performance may not be as superb as last year’s, they are on course to win 65 games this season, a feat that if they achieve would see them attain an 83 percent win ratio over the last three seasons. They have also an average of 116 points currently this season alone and have scored at least 120 points in 75 outings this season alone.

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