How To Stream All NFL Games Without Blackouts at The Best Price

How To Stream All NFL Games Without Blackouts at The Best Price

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The Philadelphia Eagles rose to the top in the last NFL season to take home the biggest prize. While another season is here to prove whether the Eagles will defend the crown, slide it to the Patriots who have been in the finals for 3 out of the past 4 years now or any one of the other teams out there, there is one problem that faces the bulk of domestic viewers – blackouts and limited access to games.

U.S. Game Pass Restrictions

To stream the NFL games live for this season, interested viewers would have to get a game pass. The deal with these game passes is that they exist in two different forms – the domestic game pass and the international version. More than the names and place of purchase, both game passes have other salient differences to consider.

For the domestic viewers, there are geo-restrictions and limitations to viewing the games. Preseason games will be made available for domestic viewers who have the NFL game pass and access to cable TV, but not on the free television.

Beyond that, the domestic game pass in the US does not allow handlers watch the games live, neither do they have access to the games after the season has ended. European users also get a short end of the same stick as they will be prone to blackouts at points of their streaming experience.

A free option that holds some promise is from the NFL Mobile App and Yahoo sports app. These platforms will usually enable you view live streams of playoff games and the Super Bowl. When it comes to enjoying games that are not in your state though, the apps are powerless.

Get the International Season Plus Game Pass Instead

Even though it sounds almost impossible to enjoy the games live and On Demand from anywhere you are, it is highly feasible. Since the limitations of the domestic game passes are not present on the international game pass, the solution would be to purchase your NFL game pass from international regions.

Another challenge could be how to get such game passes since you can only get a game pass from your current location. To solve this problem, you should use a reliable VPN service.

Another thing to note about international game passes is that they differ in prices according to regions. While some regions offer you the best price, others simply offer you the best value for your money. That is best explained by the table below:

Locations Access Season Plus Game Pass Price (subscription until 31 July, 2019) Our verdict
Australia, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa ●       No restrictions

●       Access to all 256 games, including Playoffs & Super Bowl LIII

●       Watch live and on demand

●       Stream NFL films and archives

US199.99 ●       Best connection reliability

●       Best value for money

Egypt, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Pakistan US124.99 ●       Best price

How to get the International Game pass

It is not economical to go to the country of choice just so you can get their game pass and enjoy the NFL games to the fullest.

What you should do, instead, is find a VPN service which has been tested on speed, network connectivity and reliability. This should also be a VPN service that takes your data privacy and security into consideration.

One of those VPN services that we trust – and ticks all the above boxes and more – is the ExpressVPN offering. Offered for about US$12.95 per month, ExpressVPN is giving a 49% discount to those who are interested in getting the app right now – effectively reducing the price to US$6.67/ month.

To get rid of the limitations and blackouts, here’s how to stream NFL with the International Game Pass with ExpressVPN:

  • Sign up via the ExpressVPN website and download the app to your preferred platform
  • Connect the VPN to a server from a country where you’d like to buy your game pass from (see table above)
  • Visit the NFL Game Pass website ( and sign up for ‘Season Plus’ to get access to all the games
  • Start enjoying the games as soon as they are being played – or even afterwards!

The only way to access the broad spectrum of games – when they are being played and afterwards – is by getting an international game pass with the aid of a good VPN.

While ExpressVPN may be seen as pricey, their offer of speed, reliability and utmost security (U.S. government-grade) guarantees you a good value for your money. They also let you have the best viewing experience by preventing incessant ads from ruining your experience. Coupled with their discount package, the service is almost a steal!

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