Tips To Help You Choose Appropriate Clothing For Biking

Tips To Help You Choose Appropriate Clothing For Biking

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Clothing For Biking

Whether you are cycling to work, setting off on an expedition, spinning for fitness, or you are on the road for a thrilling ride, comfort forms an integral component of the ride. And the main source of comfort is attributed to the clothes you wear. When you cycle with comfortable clothes meant especially for the purpose, you can enjoy the ride by riding for long and your performance improves as well.

So let’s get to know a little more about clothing for cycling and their peculiarities.

Cycling clothing- what does it comprise of and it’s features


When the term bicycle clothing is mentioned, most imagine spandex clothing that is tight. You need not wear these jerseys to work or while running errands around town. But, when cycling for a long distance or embarking on an adventure trip, the Lycra material jerseys are recommended. That is because they wick away sweat from the body as you ride, thus keeping you dry and comfortable while riding. Also, the material is form fitting to reduce drag that will affect your performance.

Other features in clothing meant specifically for cycling include

  • stand up collars that cover the neck, especially in the summers
  • a zipper in the front that can be adjusted with rising temperatures to provide ventilation
  • wide cut shoulders that provide comfort to move the arms forward
  • shaped sleeves designed for leaning forward
  • longer back cut that covers up greater portion, especially while riding
  • pockets in the back for easy access while on the go

These are the basics features of a cycling jersey suitable for most weather conditions. For winters specific clothes, the sleeves of the jersey are longer and the fabric is thicker.

Cycling tights and shorts

The shorts meant for cycling differs from the normal ones. The shorts meant for cycling can provide the extra stretch that aids complete freedom of movement while riding. Also, cycling shorts have a crotch liner that is padded. This reduces the discomfort while sitting on the bike seat for long and riding, plus it wicks the sweat induced moisture and reduces friction thereby enhancing the performance.

  • The shorts meant for riding on the road have other specific features, such as: chamois padded liners that might contain gel, open cell foam or closed cell foam
  • Panels for better fit
  • Leg grippers or long cut legs to keep shorts in place and to prevent chafing

For winters you can choose from cycling knickers or full-length tights. The tights usually have panels on the front that are weather resistant and can be seen in the dark as well. Legwarmers can also be clubbed with the attire in the winter months.

Other basic clothing accessories

The above were the essential clothing components for riding your bicycle.

  • Apart from these you must keep a cycling jacket handy given the weather conditions. The jacket must keep you warm in the cold winter days and dry during the rains, and if one jacket can do both these things, then it’s best.
  • Socks are equally important for any bike ride and merino wool socks are recommended as they will wick in moisture and keep you dry in summer and warm in winter.
  • Gloves are also essential with finger cut gloves being ideal for summers. They must be padded, sweat absorbing and comfortable.

So, be prepared with these clothing essentials for your fitness expedition.

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